March 11, 2012

Katalepsy - Triumph of Evilution (2008)

Let's face it, Sunday evenings suck. Usually I feel pretty good on Sunday, enjoying the benefits of a free day, but come 6 PM or so and a huge wave of depression comes crashing over me, turning me into a worthless, irritable asshole who doesn't feel like doing anything and complains about it, much to the despair of whoever I happen to grace with my restless bitching. I have come to terms with the awful mood that takes over me every Sunday evening and I don't even try doing anything to rise my spirits anymore. I just wallow in self-pity, F5-ing until it gets late enough for me to go to bed without feeling like an old retired man, which means about 10 PM.

I don't really know where I'm going with this, but this whole week I've been listening to Russian slam death purveyors Katalepsy and enjoying the fuck out of their music. Triumph of Evilution is a nice little EP composed of a bunch of songs that were featured on an earlier split with some other bands or whatever. These guys may be vodka-chugging Russians, but they are well versed in the ways of American-style brutal death metal, delivering fast'n'heavy slamz backed by a drummer who's blasting his way all across the kit. The vocalist doesn't just stick to the well known guttural vocals, but instead mixes them up with raspier, almost metalcore-ish barks and also some flawlessly executed pig squeals laid out in groovy patterns that always seem to hit my sweet spot. There's a bunch of movie samples thrown in for good measure, too, from the Resident Evil and Saw movies, which I thought was quite nice. All in all, Katalepsy are well worth your time. If slam death is what rocks your boat, you can't go wrong with this great little EP.

You know what's not great at all, though? Fucking Sunday evenings.

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