May 24, 2014

VAMPIRE "Vampire" (2014)

VAMPIRE is a swedish death metal trio that is the pure manifestation of the new wave of swedish death metal. This new wave has been both very good hits (REPUGNANT "Epitome Of Darkness", TRIBULATION "The Formulas Of Death") and some misses (MORBUS CHRON "Sweven"), mainly due to people either being way to "true" to their source material, or meaning to take it into strange places, which doesn't always work.

Yet VAMPIRE seem to sound fresh as fuckkkk.

I don't really know what's making them sound so amazingly refreshing in this whole new scene, but it's really a thing of beauty. Simple yet infectious riffs gallore allover this LP, it's like they were born to write this sort of shit. Some songs aren't so memorable, yet the triumphant ones here are really asskickers through and through, like "At Midnight I'll Posses Your Corpse", "The Fen" and "Under The Grudge".

There's really not much to say about this LP. It's a slice of swe-death for you to hold onto until the next best thing. I gotta mention that VAMPIRE have gotten theirselves a place in the Century Media Records roaster, alongside MORBUS CHRON and others, which might be the cause of the semi-polished sound of this record, a thing that does not do it too much justice, but you can get over it if you want to. This is a pretty hiped up band that a lot of people have started to hate because they supposedly aren't doing swedish death metal justice, but I find this type of crap just as justifiable as some bedroom black metaller branding them as "not true enough" for his EMPEROR and GORGOROTH infused tastes.


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