May 15, 2014

TECH DEATH WEEK PART IV: The Kennedy Veil - Trinity of Falsehood (2014)

Tech Death Week is plowing along at a steady pace here at TZEEEAC HQ and today's feature is a band from Sacramento, California called The Kennedy Veil. Not to sure what kind of veil JFK used to wear (wasn't that more like Jackie's thing?), but I'm not going to question the band's name when they come out with this insane cover art. That thing is on par with some of Pathology's best artwork. Awesome choice of colors and tons of cool details turn Trinity of Falsehood into the album with the most impressive cover art of Tech Death Week so far.

What about the music? Well, The Kennedy Veil deal in fast, aggressive, high-octane modern death metal and they're extremely adept at their craft. This is the kind of shiny, contemporary metal sound most metal purists hate with a passion. The polished, high-gain guitar tone is used to fashion a whirlwind of fast, grinding riffs that, in conjunction with the diverse, machine-like drumming, is enough to trigger involuntary head movements. The vocals are your standard deathcore grunts, but they're flawlessly executed, which mitigates the fact that there's little to no variation to be found. The 11 songs on this album, while they're all pretty entertaining on their own, tend to blur together into one big incomprehensible mess after extended listening. However, they all hover at around the 2-3 minute marks, which I think is ideal for this kind of sound. Shorter songs means lower chance of getting bored, especially since there aren't that many technical flourishes or solos to keep things interesting in the long run.

The Kennedy Veil are a band to watch out for in the future. They've got the sound and the writing chops to make a name for themselves in the scene. I just wish they'd actually veer more into technical death metal territory and give me some mind-warping cosmic solos.


- excellent production
- short songs
- great drumming


- gets a bit repetitive after a while
- more solos and/or breakdowns plz

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