May 27, 2014

LIVE RITUALS: Order of the Owl


Today I'm kickstarting a new feature on our beloved website that's all about amazing live (preferably HD) videos of bands and musicians tearing shit up. I noticed I spend a lot of time staring in awe at full concerts or just really good live performances and I though hey, why not share them with everyone else? I've decided to aptly name this feature LIVE RITUALS and I will also give you my notes on why exactly you should watch each video.

  • We're starting off with Order of the Owl, a bitchin' sludge metal band from Atlanta, Georgia
  • They play some of the noisiest, most head-smashing sludge I've heard in a while
  • Grinding rock'n'roll riffs and distorted bass lines = FUKK
  • Holy shit that drummer knows his way around those toms
  • That song is called Cocaine Super Demon and features the bassist hunched over the microphone and screeching like a banshee on crack
  • They're really good at using feedback as an instrument - my ears bleed, but it hurts so good!
  • Oh, you might also remember Atlanta as the home of noise-rockers Whores
  • It's funny how people are just casually walking by outside while these dudes are tearing down the venue around them
  • The bassist's posture is metal as fuck - why aren't more vocalist doing it?

1 comment:

  1. The posture is nice, but he would do well with a slightly longer t-shirt. Maybe you can send a Tzeeeac printed one!