May 16, 2014

TECH DEATH WEEK PART V: Alterbeast - Immortal (2014)

It's day 5 of Tech Death Week and today's feature is the debut full-length album by Alterbeast, who just happen to come from Sacramento, California, just like The Kennedy Veil, which was the focus of yesterday's tech death post.

Immortal is yet another slab of modern death metal with a technical edge. The 8 songs on this album are all lurching juggernauts of frenzied guitar riffs, killer drumming, a vocalist which brings to mind the planet-pulverizing screams of Rings of Saturn and more sweeps than you'd find at a janitor's convention. The production is spotless and the playing is tighter than that jar of pickles you can never open.

For all the impressive skills these guys have, though, it's a shame they're not used to craft more memorable songs. Technically, there's not anything wrong with this album, but you'll have a hard time remembering any of it 5 minutes after you're done listening. But hey, you'll definitely have your fun with this!


- flawless production
- tight musicianship
- sweep-picking and blast beating to last you for a lifetime


- entirely forgettable
- that cover art + logo looks like a promo for a free2play Korean MMORPG

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