May 13, 2014

MUSIC NOTES: The Hotelier - Home, Like Noplace Is There (2014)

  • Anti-pop anarcho-punk-emo thingie outfit from Worcester, Massachusetts.
  •  Home, Like Noplace Is There takes cues from numerous midwestern emo and screamo acts, both mainstream and independent, such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World, Crash of Rhinos, to name a few.
  • Consequently, the album has a timeless feel; it's so rich in influences that you can place it in basically any period of the emo timeframe.
  • The obvious drawback that comes with being so tied to its roots is that it doesn't push the envelope in any way. Not that I have a problem with that.
  • The energy on this damn thing is mind boggling.
  • Top-notch production and instrumental work.
  • Emotional and highly introspective lyrics that deal with issues such as losing friends, coming from broken homes, anxiety, depression, etc. It's been done so many times that it has become a staple of the genre by now, but who cares, right?  
  • Brilliant writing and storytelling. The lyrics are so rich in details that they might as well turn them into a script and make a movie starring Michael Cera and Ellen Page.
  • Your Deep Rest, which is about a guy who's trying to invent excuses to not go to his best friend's funeral is the most creepy and uncomfortable up-beat song I've ever had the chance to listen to.
  • Life is a Drag is a two minute long scream-a-thon about life being a drag. Who would've guessed, eh?

TZEEEAC RATING: would listen while smoking a blunt and contemplating on my life/10

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