May 14, 2014

Get The Shot - No Peace In Hell (2014)

What would you do if part of the building where you happen to work is blown to bits and pieces and you suddenly get some unexpected time off? I'd listen to some hardcore punk, of course!

Which is exactly what 'Get The Shot' deliver throughout the course of twelve angry songs that focus on, well, basically shouting at anything or anyone that stands in their way, hoping to prove a point. 

Which they do. I don't know exactly what that is, however they have big-ass choruses where you feel compelled to scream along and throw your fist into the air in approval. And I'd say that's pretty much all that you need from this kind of music, right? With an occasional shred here and there, 'No Peace In Hell' is the kind of album to which all hell would break loose if played live (get it? the intended pun?).

And by that definition alone, they deserve a place on Tzeeeac. Mosh on!

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  1. this review made me give aa like to your facebook page. good job . Great album. "Constangeles lives!!"