March 2, 2014

TZEEEAC turns 3!

To be fair, we turned 3 yesterday, but somehow it slipped our minds and we forgot to celebrate. Actually, I did have a few beers last night for no reason at all, so I'll just chalk them up to TZEEEAC's birthday. Woohoo!

I was originally gonna do a long, mushy post about everything this stupid website means to me, how we've grown and changed over the years and where we hope the future will take us. I'm not gonna do that, though, because I'm leaving for a week to party and I still haven't packed anything. I'll just do some quick bullet points instead:

  • TZEEEAC started on the 1st of March 2011, when Marco and I decided on a whim to make a blog where we write about music we like. 
  • We were using Wordpress, but soon switched to Blogger. 
  • We were originally writing in Romanian. The change to English happened after about one year.
  • We've gone through more design changes than I care to remember, mostly because I get bored with how things look very quickly. 
  • We've gone from being two dorks writing about music to a whole collective of awesome dudes that I wouldn't have met otherwise. Cheers and thanks to Marco, Volo, Robert, Daniel, Jonathan and Thomas, you guys rule and I'm really glad you're all along for the ride!
  • Our email inbox has gone from being a deserted wasteland to being flooded with music submissions on a daily basis. We might not write about everything we receive, but we read all the emails and are deeply thankful to everybody who cares enough about our website to shoot us a ZIP file of their latest album. 
  • We've interviewed a lot of our favorite artists and there are many more interviews to come.
  • We're nearing 200k pageviews and 500 Facebook likes, but no one cares about metrics, right?
That's about three years of activity in a nutshell. A big THANK YOU to everyone reading this and all the awesome musicians that got in touch with us or were featured, interviewed or otherwise mentioned on TZEEEAC, as well as to TZEEEAC's patron saint, Moş Gherasim, a true Mecena of the underground. Here's to many more years of loud music, junk food and sweet bros!

PS: We're planning on doing some t-shirts, just not sure how many of you would be interested. We've set up a poll in the upper right side of the website. If you ever wanted to wear some TZEEEAC apparel, this is your chance! If enough people are interested, we'll definitely splurge and print some quality t-shirts for you.

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