March 20, 2014


We had a nice chat with the nihilistic fucks from Ramlord about d-beat nightmares, crust patches and gross food. Then they presumably went back to destroying the earth from within its bowels. Read on!

1. Greetings, you festering piles of human garbage! How are things in the Ramlord camp?

Hails! Life within the stronghold is as degenerative and dysfunctional as always! Riddled with depression, poverty, incarceration, addiction and host of other problems, we do a lot of laughing and searching for escapism to hide our tears and fill the void that modernity has permanently branded inside us. Somehow, we find time to write a few songs and play a few shows… especially when it is the only worthwhile outlet of our time and energy in our lives.

2. What the hell is a Ramlord anyway? Or is it THE Ramlord? Why didn’t you name your band The Ramlords? 

The position of a Ramlord is a prestigious one of which none of us festering piles of human garbage are worthy of. Last I heard, there existed less than ten true Ramlords walking this planet, however, it is likely that many have succumbed to the frost and died over the winter, their souls permanently torn from their bodies and cast into the nether. 

3. How on earth did you find each other? What made you wanna start a horrific metal band?

We have been smoking weed and going to shitty local hardcore shows since we were 14 years old. Eventually started listening to Dystopia and playing instruments and formed a band once we realized how profitable playing blackened stenchviolence could be.

4. Why should we smoke weed and kill cops? Is eating hot dogs and quietly ignoring cops and acceptable substitute?

Hot dogs and sheepish approval of police is not an acceptable attitude. If your dad would give you a high-five for such behavior, you should probably just do the opposite.

5. Tell us a bit about your songwriting process. All of your songs are noisy, fast as fuck and seem to erupt from some insane nightmare I’m praying I’ll never have to endure. Do you all just meet in your rehearsing space at night and start yelling and pissing each other off until noise comes out?

I usually wake up in a cold sweat, awakening from a d-beat nightmare and immediately start tremolo-picking the nearest instrument until it sounds tolerable. Honestly, Jan usually comes to practice with a solid framework for the track and then we all spend weeks together making little tweaks like increasing blast-beat tempo and slowing down funerary riffage.

6. How many crust patches do you collectively own?

Only a poser could think that fashion is exempt from punk and metal subcultures. Our collective amount of embroidered patches is in the tens but I’m sure screened patches are in the hundreds. 

7. Have you ever eaten boiled sheep’s head? It’s a delicacy in certain parts of the world. Seems something that might be up your alley. What’s the grossest thing you ever put in your mouth?

We all subscribe to very rebellious diets and could never deface a descendent of the all-powerful ram with our filthy tongues. I have drank a mixture of cobra blood and whiskey, but that is actually awesome and not gross.

8. It’s been quite a while since your last album, Crippled Minds, Sundered Wisdom. What are Ramlord’s plans for the future? 

By the end of the summer, the splits with Krieg and Nuclear Devastation should be released, as well as a yet-unnamed EP that will solidify the blackened stenchviolence sound once and for all. We are planning another full-length in 2015. So far I have written one riff for it but it is pretty good.

9. Name five bands that you love and sound even more oppressive than Ramlord. A mixtape for the ultimate genocide, if you will. 



Iron Lung



10. Thank you for talking with us and best of luck! We’ll keep squirming in the stench. We leave the last words up to you. 

Ram Cult Hail. Smoke Weed//Kill Cops Forever. Look towards the moon and follow the horns, brothers and sisters.

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