March 21, 2014

PunK NewS - March 2014

Remember last year’s review of Propagandhi?

Well, turns out there’s no shortage of punk out there in the wilderness, and just as you’re about to make fun of me for recommending albums from a genre I know close to nothing about, I would beg you not to.

Not because these are records that rival in any way the grandiosity of Failed States, but because it’s simply about good music. That just happened to be released this month. So be thankful for that! 

First off, Forus:

They hail from Bayonne, France and play a very fast and skilled combo made of skate punk awesomeness and mathcore, at times reminding me of the vivid images of canadian riff machines Protest The Hero. The album is short (just over twenty minutes), the songs are of the same nature, yet they keep things interesting by always changing the pace. And this is how they start it up:

Nifty, ain’t it? Be sure to check out the rest.

The counterpart to his fast attack are the more subdued, introspective tunes of Morning Glory with their aptly titled ‘War Psalms’.

Cute cover, huh? Definitely Tzeeeac material!

And while I don’t wish to go into the details of the lyrics (as I rarely do, no matter the record), War Psalms seems set out to do exactly what it wants: namely to mix up a sample of both angry yet soulful songs, while at the same time keeping an exemplary flow to the album. 

How good is it you ask? Well, considering they’ve just created one of the best opera rock pieces that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in quite a while (I think this is what Avenged Sevenfold wanted to achieve for some time now, yet they keep failing at it),

and that many a song will make you raise you fist in the air and simply sing along to all the ‘oo ooo ooohs’ this things has, War Psalms might just make it up to the top of your playlist for a sunny Sunday morning while you’re eating cereals and drinking milk.

Or a gloomy Friday evening with a beer. Serve it as you wish.

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