March 13, 2014

House of Apparition - House of Apparition (2014)

Honesty streak: I'm not posting this album because of how it sounds. 

Although it sounds really good: a hideously raw and sludgy mixture of black metal and punk with dissonant riffs and simplistic drumming buried deep in the mix. Imagine a punked up version of Transilvanian Hunger, add some horrifying screeching vocals that sound like a pterodactyl being fed through a wood chipper and you've pretty much described how House of Apparition sounds.

But like I said, I'm not posting this to show you the music. Although I kinda am. I'm posting this because of the logo. Look at that thing! It's ridiculous! It's 100% unreadable and it looks like it was drawn up using the Pencil tool in MS Paint by a guy dying on the electric chair. ZERO FUCKS GIVEN! I don't care if the music scares you and you don't even press play. Just look at that logo. 

Oh man.

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