March 29, 2014

Tzeeeac Interview: OHMWAR

Hailing from Anytown, Canada, raised on hardcore punk and industrial fumes, high voltage musicians OHMWAR have agreed to do an interview on the likes of their forthcoming 1st LP, Henry Rollins, baseball and how if feels to be cool. They're the motherfucking bee's motherfucking knees, so make way!

How did OHMWAR get started?
I had a concept for a band and a bunch of tunes that I wanted to record. I hadn't played drums in years and had no interest in it so I put an ad up looking for a drummer. I got one single reply months later from Andy (former drummer) so we started talking and it turned out we knew a lot of the same people and came from the same punk rock background. We jammed a few times, got along really well and realized it was good shit. At the time he was working with Derek (bass) who I had played in a long running band with years ago so D came by and that's pretty much it. Andy moved and Chad took his place a couple of years ago.

What is the deal with the "Be An Electrician!" symbol?

Just some nonsense shit that looks cool with vague associations to the lyrical content. Basically something to make people say "What's the deal with that?"

What about the OHMWAR name, what's that all about?
Pretty much the same as the above question. I had a fairly solid concept in place for the first bunch of lyrics but that ran its course and the name stuck around. The original concept revolved around sound wars and a secret source of power that had been passed on undiscovered by all but a few, all taking place in some weird paranoid noisish/pulpy alternate world.

Who do you hail as your biggest influences?
Rush and baseball.

Don't you ever get tired from being such a cool band?

How did the split with SATAN'S SATYRS come to be?
I got the SS demo tape when it came out and it really blew my head. I went to play it for a friend and I accidentally hit record on the tape player and taped over a bit of the first song. I emailed Clay to see if i could get another copy and we started talking about Black Flag other fucked up experimental music and movies we were both into. They then became underground famous so I decided to ride their coattails into sweet sweet jetsetting stardom. Still waiting on that.

Describe your live performances using some BLACK FLAG lyrics.
"I Love You."

Any chances of a European trip for you guys?
It's unlikely but who knows? We're old and broke.

Tell us about the forthcoming debut LP.
It's called BROKEN ARMS DANCE WITH BLACK FEET. Twelve songs, 6 per side. 45 RPM. Along with the songs we have really amazing artwork for the cover and insert done by colombian madman Juan Y Diego. His drawings are as much a part of this project as the music and lyrics. Check out some of his stuff here. The pressing place managed to fuck it up 4 times. The most recent one which we got today had a totally different band on Side B so that has been frustrating.

Plans for the near and far away future?
We're jamming on Wednesday. The music for our next album is written. We'll arrange that and I'll write the lyrics. If money and time permit I hope that will be out around this time next year.

What sound does an "Eisenstein" make?
Just tune down and bang the octave.


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