February 28, 2014

Home - Bound To Gravity (2014)

We here at Tzeeeac are addicted to riffs. And groove. And garage type production values. And harsh vocals. Marco might not fully agree to this last statement, but he'll have to just succumb to the authority of the majority. Hey, that's one sick rhyme I just made there! Might have to ask some of the bands that send music our way to incorporate it into one of their songs, so we can claim copyright and make a shitload of money off of their stage performances, haha!

Anyways, enough with the rather monosillabic blabberings and let's get you guys some music to listen to, huh? And while deep inside I had an ungodly craving of listening to some old school death metal, here come Home trio to blow my speakers to hell with their infectious guitar licks and around the corner moving bass lines. If you ever liked This Is Ghost! Country, then Home will hit the sweet spot for you, as the all around abrasiveness of the record (which the band stated that it was purely intentional) will make you put this baby on repeat until there's no more humidity left in your house. It'll be like that because the songs will make you scrape of all the paint from your walls, turn it into some fine powder and then get high off of it while headbanging from a sitting position with your hands glued to your chair.

Then there's the curious case of the closer track, a close-to-ten-minutes seemingly haphazard song (until its not) that, I don't know if intentionally or not, makes me want to go back and listen to early days Lacrimas Profundere. 

So what are you waiting for then? Come home and get yourself a nice little piece of Austrian Sludge/Stoner/Post-Whatsoever, just don't eat it all at once because you might get a sudden case of riff poisoning. 

Recommended tracks: Next To Last, Old Hand, Dead City, Dead City. Yep, I've just listed that last one twice. It's just that good. You also might want to check out their facebook page and drop a like or two. You know, to show that you're nice and all.

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