February 22, 2014

Valfader - Opening (2014)

Last time you were prompted to listen to these guys they played a very angry type of stoner metal, garage production, excellent for annoying your parents if you're fourteen years old and on the verge of discovering new music genres. 

Now they've released a single and for the life of me I can't possibly understand how this is still a three piece band. At best, it sounds like a tightly woven collection of part human, part robotic vital parts; at VERY best, it sounds like a band that has been playing around the world for the last three decades. You know, just like Metallica does.

To clear out all vagueness (if that's even necessary), I might even conclude that this ONE song is of such excellent quality that it stands on the brink of ludicrousness. The simple vocal melody upon which the track is build, complemented by a stupidly commendable riff that'd give Isis, Mastodon, Cult of Luna, The Ocean or any other post-related music factory a run for their money, these and all the bits and pieces that glue everything together just make me shiver from unearthly cravings about what could possibly become my favorite album of 2014. 

Because there IS going to be an album out this year, right guys?

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