February 7, 2014

CHILL VIBEZ: Juleah - Entangled and Entwined (2013)

Oh man, the recent terrible weather is really wearing me down. Between rain, snow, never ending blizzards and freezing temperatures, I feel like I haven't seen the sun in forever. Lately it's been getting a little warm, so the snow has started melting into that horrible brown, mushy substance that stains your pants the minute you go out. Long story short, it's gross outside and I hate it. I hate you too.

Enter Juleah, a cute singer and multi-instrumentalist from Austria, who seems determined to chase away the winter and bring me the summery vibes I crave. Her newest album called Entangled and Entwined is a superb collection of songs mixing slow rock, jazz and shoegaze and Juleah seems to craft her songs with only one purpose in mind: chilling. The music is guitar driven with minimal percussion and soft, mellow vocals. The album's title is spot on, as Juleah's guitar lines and chords often coil around each other like those sweet neon green snakes that live in the tropical forests, creating a nice, layered feel. If you listen closely, you can catch small glimpses of blues, country, stoner and psych rock in Juleah's guitar playing, but the album lends itself much better as background music to a lazy relaxing morning. It makes me wanna eat strawberries with whipped cream. It makes me wanna sit on the sand by the sea like a beached turtle, with just my feet in the water, enjoying the sun. It makes me wanna pour vanilla ice cream on my head and let it melt and maybe later some dogs could come and lick it off my face. It makes me wanna swim in grape jelly. Gah!

This album is pretty much awesome in every way and Juleah should be really proud of it. Big thanks to Russian Winter Records too, who send us amazing music on the regular. You guys rule. Now I'm going to hit play on Entangled and Entwined again and imagine it's summer all over again. Hoo doggy!


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