February 11, 2014

Arc Neon - Technicolor Workout (2014)

''It's that time of the year'', as Arc Neon himself put it. Not for paying your mortgage or some boring shit that only responsible adults do, but for another Arc Neon release. As you may know, we here at TZEEEAC are suckers for good electronic music, especially if it's inspired by the 80's (a.i, retrosynth). Basically, if the cover of your album depicts cyborgs punching robot kangaroos, you've got our attention.

Sadly, Technicolor Workout does not meet the above mentioned criteria, but we'll make an exception on the grounds of being a killer of a release (just look what one semester at Law School did to my vocabulary!). While Blood Sport 2092 was a bumpy trip to a dystopian near-future where evil corporations rule the world and slaves are forced to fight each other in gladiatorial-like shows, Technicolor Workout is a more, if not optimistic and colorful, less dystopian-ish kind of album. In fact, it's a straight-up workout VHS that every fitness enthusiast from the 80's would've wanted to own. Just imagine a ten minute long 80's montage wherein a pumped-up Arnold Schwarzenegger is jogging, jumping over park benches and occasionally stopping for a few hundred push-ups in preparation for his next big kick-box game, all while dusk is setting in New Los Angeles. You know what, fuck this stupid blog, I'm jumping in the first plane to Hollywood. I'm gonna turn this shit into a movie.

To make things even sweeter, Arc Neon have upped the production values and added a large number of sounds and rhythms. The bitchin' sax from Forbidden Dance, the guitar riffs from Heat of the Night, and Dana Jean Phoenix's voice from the same song... Boy, oh boy! You won me for life. I would've fallen in love with her straight away were I not to know that she is in fact a katana-wielding assassin in the service of whatever shady corporation pays more. 

Technicolor Workout is a welcomed departure from their previous releases. It's flashy, colorful and most important of all, it has an animated hot chick lifting weight on the cover. If that doesn't make it a must-buy for you, I don't know what will.


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