February 18, 2014

OHMWAR "5 Song EP" 7" (2013)

These many edges.
It's pretty late at night and I just might have found one of the coolest punk EPs. Talk about winning, this 5 song EP is not only a good punk EP, but a very good trip to the early 80s hardcore punk scene that was about 97% BLACK FLAG and some circle jerking minors threathing blabla. I've gotten word of this band from their split w/ SATAN'S SATYRS which I immediately had to order and got really surprised when the B-side sounded very pounding and self-sustained like that. If SATAN'S SATYRS had not been on that split, it would have still been worth buying, and that's saying a whole lot for OHMWAR, considering the music SS manages to put out. Both bands had a BLACK FLAG cover.

What I love about this EP is that it takes pretty much all of the non-RAMONES aspects of punk that I've come to know and love and combine them together, and by that I mean the rowdyness of BLACK FLAG with the chillness of early-DEAD KENNEDYS, creating something both catchy and gut-wrenching. Random lyrical themes create the perfect picture: 10 minutes and change of unadulterated punk in its true meaning, with a pretty personal touch for good measure.

These guys deserve way more attention.



  1. thanks a lot for the review man!! was cool to find this. our full length has been at the press for a month or so, should be out soon. thanks again dudes. -ohmwar