September 16, 2012

Protest The Hero - Fortress (2008)

Now that we got that out of the way, I can start laying down some praise for this album (however, I will not get upset if you choose to abandon this page and quickly go and youtube some more of this band in favor of reading on).

As you may have noticed , PTH play  (on this specific album) an aptly disguised prog metal that most of the uncultured masses of monkey heads out there choose to sign-off as metalcore. Well, IT’S NOT, and I tell you this as an individual with an extreme encompassing of musical knowledge (insert .chester here, bashing my head in, reminding me of who I really am for not listening to Summoning).

PTH are technical and over the top, charismatic, churn out some really cool riffs and don’t ever repeat them unless you choose to actually hit the repeat button in your player. They released some funny as shit videos (there it goes, I just said the ‘s’ word…) and let’s not forget about Rody Walker’s vocals, a man who can swoon you with the falsetto of Matt Bellamy, scream his lungs out right up there with the likes of Halford and occasionally release a growl that would make Cerberus bow its head in submission and simply go out and play with a bone.

With that said, I just realized I didn’t actually say anything about the album itself. Well, it’s really hard to describe (no, really) because whenever I listen to it I have the tendency to amp up the volume to some obscene levels that when reached, my mind can’t really give out a comprehensible thought.  It’s just some 41 minutes of musical bombastity (there you go, a new word for ya) that grabs you by the throat from the very first notes and never lets go (ok, so the piano bit on the end of Spoils gives out some breathing space) and when it reaches the end you’ll most likely go for the repeat button (notice how I tend to repeat the word repeat in this article? hmm, weird, I just hope I’m not repeating myself…). So I’ll wrap this up with some pros and cons and just leave you to it (to listen, that is…)

The Good: lessons in fret board navigation, lessons in arrow shooting (see the video at the beginning), lessons in making funny faces whilst belting out throat menacing screams, a cat meowing, pre-gaps (wiki page of Fortress for that) and let’ s not forget, BEARDS!! (which are cool and make you look all manly at all times).

The Bad: rather short;  the last two tracks are a bit weak compared to all of the others.

Highlights: What is this? ALL of it!

Rating: 9.5

Track List

1. Bloodmeat   
2. The Dissentience   
3. Bone Marrow
4. Sequoia Throne
5. Palms Read
6. Limb from Limb
7. Spoils
8. Wretch
9. Goddess Bound
10. Goddess Gagged                        

P.S:  I chose to speak of this album because I think it’s their best. The first, Kezia, is a prog-punk powerhouse (there you go, yet another word for ya) that while excellent in its own way, it just doesn’t reach the heights of this one, while the third release, Scurrilous (now there’s a word for the Spelling Bee), appears more like a rehash of Fortress without adding anything new to the sound; in other words, it’s plain boring (compared to this one, at least).

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