September 30, 2012

Tetrafusion - Horizons EP (2012)

You'll have to excuse me for the lack of activity in the past week, but I didn't really get a chance to stand down at the PC (aside from putting on a movie to help me fall asleep) and write something to share with you.

I discovered Tetrafusion sometime this past spring (I think), but only on these last few days did I have the chance to give this mini-album a proper spin, and boy did I miss out on so much! It's a fantastic piece of prog metal that really brings some freshness to the genre and make me wish such talent at songwriting would get as much recognition as possible. Every band member has massive chops, and while the solo work and vocals are top notch,  the rhythm part of the songs is what steals the whole show, especially with the crazy under-goings of the bass guitar.

The EP is available for download at and for a perfect blend of all the instruments, do check out the song Spider Silk (no worries, I'll just link it for you, lazy monkeys). Meanwhile, I'm off to research their previous albums, because I believe I've just stumbled upon the perfect candidate for the GETY category (short for Zulu's very own and personal Gem of The Year(TM) findings).