September 8, 2012

Pestilent Decay - 10 Tunes of Fusion Slam (2012)

Fucking Canada, man, back at it with the heavy awesomeness. Pestilent Decay is a dude from Ontario, Canada named Michael Carnovale who plays slamming instrumental technical deathgrind, as he puts it. Long-ass label aside, 10 Tunes of Fusion Slam is easily the best thing I've listened to all week. Basically, it's slam death combined with all sorts of random genres, from ska, pop punk and thrash all the way to djent and Sunn O)))-style doom metal. It's both funny and well-executed and you should definitely check it out. It'll brighted your day. Here's the full tracklist (because that's what instantly hooked me), followed by bandcamp and Facebook links. This guy is the bomb.

01. Saturday Slam Fever (Discofunkslam) (01:32)
02. Djentslam (01:00)
03. Streetlight Slamifesto (Skaslam) (01:09)
04. Garageslam (00:55)
05. Slam 182 (Poppunkslam) (02:15)
06. Burzlam (Blackenedslam) (01:38)
07. Dirty Slammin Imbeciles (Thrashslam) (00:48)
08. Calcuslam (00:56)
09. Shufflin Slam (Matewan) (00:54)
10. Slamm O))) (Dronedoomslam) (08:19)



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