September 2, 2012

BEZNĂ TVCI - Discography

BEZNĂ TVCI were (are?) a subunderground bedroom black metal band whose members hailed from different parts of Romania and who managed to get a small cult following in these harsh lands. The core members of the band were (are?) Wyrmwater Glaurung (guitars, percussion, vocals), Craiu' Mort (vocals) and Duke Gherasim (guitars, vocals). Together, they self-released three  as well as a B-side compilation through  their label, Beznă Productions, whose roster also included Craiu' Mort as a solo artist and În Criptă, a one-man black metal/dark ambient band. But more on that later.

BEZNĂ TVCI called their music koi valah blak metal and they set out to redefine the meaning of trve kvlt. The demos weren't shared with anyone, not even among the band members. As far as I know, the only physical BT cd's are the ones I made for myself a few years ago. All the music was played with found instruments and recorded only at midnight. Shit was damn serious. Here are the four BEZNĂ TVCI recordings, listed in chronological order and with my notes on them.

BEZNĂ TVCI - Postvlatvl Nelvminii (2006)

The first demo was released in the summer of 2006 (because summer is grimmer than winter) and it consists of three tracks. Sodomizarea Ierihonului spews forth occult growlings over twangy acoustic guitars, completely shattering the perception on what black metal should sound like. The title track is a brooding song with some of the most terrifying drumming I've ever heard, while Flatulaţie Vargistă is a Burzum tribute which carries on in the same vein as the ambient-era Burzum tracks, with a solitary guitar managing to create a dreamy atmosphere that Varg only hinted at. Overall, an intriguing release that shows much promise in the band. However, they will show their true potential after less than a year. 


2007 brought the release of Noaptea Valpurgiei, the first full-length album by BEZNĂ TVCI. The band finally unleashed all of its creativity and music writing chops and presented an accomplished work consisting of seven tracks. The music relies on processed acoustic guitars that are layered one over the other, creating a tapestry of strummed chords and plucked notes that makes you feel uneasy and enthralled, at once. The songs have a definite structure, some even going for the verse-chorus-verse build. Craiu' Mort's whispered growls permeate the music and help create a brilliant dark atmosphere that evokes misty mountains, cold forests, forgotten graves and old bones. Duke Gherasim's lyrics bear the mark of a secluded misanthrope who cannot sleep at night. The band's future becomes uncertain at this point, as the member's reclusive nature and bitterness don't allow for any sort of updates on their activities. All I could do was wait. 

BEZNĂ TVCI - Malebolgia (2008)

Another few months went by and, right on Easter 2008, the new BEZNĂ TVCI album hit me hard. Malebolgia is the band's hardest listen, being one single track and clocking in at 27 minutes. It's experimental as fuck and chock full of weird, off-time twangy guitar lines and Craiu's ferocious growls provide an aggressive counterpoint to the twisting melodies. The song shifts gears constantly, incorporating silent parts and some mind-bending frantic strumming on the six-stringed instrument. Like I said, it's difficult to listen to, but it has its rewards. Probably. I tried listening to the whole thing a few times, but I always fell asleep during the silent bits. 

BEZNĂ TVCI - La Vecinic Tron Copita Scurmă (2009)

During the summer of 2009, the beast awoke once again. La Vecinic Tron Copita Scurmă is a collection of lost BEZNĂ TVCI songs and B-sides that, surprisingly, includes some of the band's best moments. It's hard to argue with an acoustic cover of Burzum's War sung in Craiu' Mort's distinctive voice or the six spoken word tracks voiced by the same man. Also featured are a Mayhem cover (the band sticks to its roots, even after several years), a brilliant intro track called Fiară Sioniană and - probably my favorite track off this compilation - Vasile Spimtecă Gospodăreşte Curul Cerului, another sample of ambient greatness that's a testament to the band's power... to move you.

The BEZNĂ TVCI saga ends here - or does it? I'll never know for sure. A new album might be brewing right now. I'll only find out about it after it's released. This is how it has always been. This is how it'll always be. A band for the ages. A legacy. A legend. 

The inner circle lives on.  


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