September 11, 2012

Nomega - Deimos (2012)

One would think that Romania isn't really a suitable environment for a stoner rock band to thrive in - "I mean come the fuck on, Romanians", I hear you saying with a dismissive smile, "your whole country basically amounts to Transylvania, a dark mountainous forest populated by vampires, werewolves and witches where fur-clad barbarians reign supreme, and Bucharest, a filthy city that's ten times more likely to produce pissed-off hardcore bands and suicidal black metal collectives than drugged-out trippy stoner rock groups. How about you focus on vampire hunting and dodging stray dogs and leave stoner rock to California?"

Well you can piss right off, you hyperthermic asshole. Romania has unbearably hot summers too and we have plenty of shitty highways that run through the middle of nowhere, perfect for long, introspective drives with the scorching sun high above you. Plus, booze is cheap, the grass is plentiful and there's tons of bad TV to be had, so being a stoner dude comes easy in Romania.

Nomega are young band who have figured it all out. These four guys hail from Timişoara, Romania and they play their own brand of instrumental stoner rock, that blends numerous elements together. They have it all: thundering riffs, trippy fuzzed-out improvised guitar wizardry, insanely tasty bass grooves (check out the opening bass line on Samsara and tell me it doesn't sound like an obvious nod to OM) and sweet drumming, everything blending together into one huge, soaring, spaced-out atmospheric sound that hooks you and shoots you off-orbit into the cosmic journey of a lifetime. It doesn't reinvent the stoner/post/psych wheel, but God damn it, it does a fine job of rolling with it.

It's sweet, it's tasty, it's very refreshing! Plus, they do the whole Orange amps thing, so you know shit's legit.


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