September 17, 2012

Abnormality - Contaminating the Hive Mind (2012)

I've just realized that I haven't posted any death metal in a looooooong fucking time. Two months or so, by my count. What the hell, guys? Why isn't anyone getting outraged by this? Is everyone really content with Zulu's 2 hour+ doom metal albums and Marco waxing vigorously over Tom Waits and gypsy punk collectives?

How about some DEATH FUCKIN' METAL?!

Contaminating the Hive Mind is the debut album by Massachusetts-based outfit Abnormality and is a solid slab of brutal death metal that's so good it'll make you headbang uncontrollably. Shitty cover art aside, this album offers some of the best brutal death tunes we've heard all year: it's a pummeling, vicious and technically-proficient album that managed to snap me out of my autumn blues and send me off into the night, behaving like a wild animal. Contaminating the Hive Mind brings both excellent musicianship and savagery to the table: the songs are varied and intense, there are a lot of awesome, blistering solos to be found, EVERYTHING IS PLAYED FUCKING FAST and singer Mallika Sundaramurthy pukes out her guts with the best of 'em, delivering a flawless vocal performance while also looking good on stage. Still, being at an Abnormality show and not having some huge sweaty guy scream at you must feel oddly unfamiliar.

Ripped jeans. Messy hair. Fake bullet belt. Pointy elbow. 2/10 would not bang.

All joking aside, you should totally give Abnormality a try. Contaminating the Hive Mind is a great start for them (even though their previous EP sounded a tad crazier) and I think we can expect more competent brutal death metal from them in the future. To round things off, here's the official video for Monarch Omega, which has one of the most lame and pointless back stories I've ever seen. Also, check out the drummer blasting away with only his socks on. Big up!


  1. Yo, .chester! Malignancy and Putrevore have just released two great and brutal albums.

    P.S. I love brutal chicks!

  2. I know about Eugenics, I haven't gotten around to listening to it yet. What's the deal with Putrevore?

    1. Dave Rotten from Avulsed and Rogga Johansson from Paganizer's project. Nothing new, nothing original, just old school motherfuckingawesome death metal.