September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Zulu!

Today is our esteemed colleague's Zulu birthday. Allegedly. We really don't know that much about him yet, all we know is that every once in a while he swoops in, drops a totally sweet review that puts Marco and I to shame, then disappears in a cloak of shadows. His identity, whereabouts and personal details are as unknown to us as they are to you. Maybe he could become our version of The Stig.

Some say he actually wrote all of Opeth's songs, he was Darkthrone's drummer before being replaced by Fenriz and he auditioned for GWAR, but got rejected for being grossed out by huge alien dongs. All we know is, he's called Zulu. 

But in the off-chance that it is, in fact, his birthday today, we just wanted to congratulate him and wish him many years of tinkering with his car and writing great reviews. Have a good one, buddy!


  1. Happy birthday, man! I'm really loving your reviews, keep up the good work.

    PS: Sorry I'm late. Yesterday I was too tired to check out what's new on Tzeeeac.

  2. Thanks guys, all of you! Indeed you were right on the birthday thingy. I had a great night, getting out and socializing, then had a couple of hours of sleep and recharged for another day at work.

    P.S: Even though some say that I wrote all of Opeth's songs, what the audience may or may not know is that I proudly wear an Opeth tattoo (some say that I actually designed the logo for the band while I was in kindergarden taking advanced art classes)