April 18, 2014

UMBERTO - La Llorona (2014)

Oh man!

I've just stumbled upon this while casually browsing Facebook on the pooper: Matt Hill aka Umberto, one of my favorite synthwave musicians ever, has recently released a 7" on an obscure Franco-Japanese label. These two new tracks see Umberto going further down the path established in his latest LP, Confrontations. Hard-hitting distorted bass lines, elegant synths, unsettling drum beats and ominous vocal chants all work to conjure a dark, dystopian urban atmosphere. The songs evoke grim visions of a futuristic New Osaka where a totalitarian government is oppressing its citizens. The streets are overcrowded with miserable people; squalor and misery abound, but something's gotta give. Umberto paints a sorrowful landscape of urban decay and anguish and does so with flawless mastery of his means and instruments.

Once again, Umberto delivers the goods and retains his place as one of the most talented and criminally underrated electronic artists out there. If you're a fan of Perturbator and the bands from Aphasia Records, you must not miss out on this guy. 

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