April 24, 2014


Daniel Witchfinder playing metal and wearing the TZEEEAC tshirt (real tears)


Just wanted to announce that the first batch of official TZEEEAC tshirts is now SOLD OUT! A huge thank you to everyone who purchased one and to the few lucky people who got one for free because they're extra-awesome! We love you. 

HOWEVER, we are thinking of printing more! The minimum order for the printing guys to even bother with is 20 pieces, so there have to be at least TWENTY of you who want one in order to make it happen. So if you want one or know somebody who does, all you have to do is get in touch with us via email (tzeeeac@yahoo.com), Facebook or just a comment below. Or, if you're fortunate enough to know us personally, just tell us IRL. We'll make a list and as soon as we hit 20, we're off!

Please spread the word and stay tuned for more TZEEEAC goodness!

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