April 25, 2014

#POPPUNK: City Lights - Leaving Here (2013)

sweet boys

This is seriously my favorite #poppunk song ever. So cool and posi! Sucks that they decided to break up this year (on my birthday, no less! >_< ) in order to pursue actual careers, but it just shows that they're level headed people who know how to make the best of their opportunities. You will be missed!
I can't stay in one place
Can't let this time go to waste
I only have one life to live
I might as well make the best of it
While I can


  1. This song reminds me of Midtown, I couldn't find the original song but it's not as remixed as it says https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uCUOuN541A

  2. Not only poppunk, all kind of punk but it's not a rule. In the end it's all about good music isn't it?