April 25, 2014


It's just meaningless by now to say that I've been waiting for this single to arrive in the mail like Torquemada awaiting the Inquisition. This material is like the Half Life 3 of music to me, except this one actually exists right now, at the moment you are reading this. I've been so anxious to write about ACID WITCH on Tzeeeac since forever, noting the fact that I've loved every second of degraded doom/death metal ever since Witchtanic Hellucination came out in 2008 (I was 10 years old at the time), it just completely blew my head apart and changed the way I view death metal and music in general forever. It set the bar so high that only 5% of the bands I listen to manage to even headbutt that bar.

This being said, after three years of silence, ACID WITCH return with two new songs, in conspiracy with death metal maniacs NUNSLAUGHTER. How are they you ask? Exactly as I imagined them: completely familiar yet so fucking surprising. A witchfinder general's wettest dream.


ACID WITCH open up the A side with "Evil", your classic doomdeath anthem, drenched in malicious keyboards and dicksnapping solos. Closer to the monumental first LP than the sophomore (which is good), it's a wild ride in rewind, slow yet deadly, mossy and infectious metal melody.

NUNSLAUGHTER go out of their league and puncture this vinyl with the slow number "Spooky Tails", and boy does it bring home the bacon. Heavy riffs, drums that sound like they've been pulled straight out of a boggling marsh and an attitude to match.


NUNSLAUGHTER make their mark on this split with "A Sordid Past", a death metal song soufle, just what you'd expect from the Clevelanders, except for the lyrics that, instead of focusing on evil, satan etc, sing a bluesy ballad of death. Pretty spooky.

At this moment I would like all the people who don't listen to REPULSION to close the browser.

ACID WITCH just take every fragment of disbelief I ever had in them and stomp on it with leather clad boots. They play a fast, deathmetal/punk song, "Fiends Of Old" with their classic keyboard and solo hooks, and it's about the best thing you'll ever hear. Ever. A fist in the face of every ACID WITCH fan, a fist that reads:

Stealing pieces of the dead
Cause that's how Helga lost her head
Eating acid melts my head
As I listen to "Season of the Dead"
Rotten clothes make my rash grow
Got a bad case of impetigo...


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