April 24, 2014

THE CROSS BETWEEN YOUR LEGS: Hexis - Abalam (2014)

Oh man...

Hexis must be one of the most vicious and unforgiving outfits I have listened to lately (and I've had no shortage of harsh sounding bands). Hailing from Denmark, these dudes play an uncompromising mix of black metal, hardcore and post-metal that will peel your face right off. The short 1-2 minute songs, each bearing a cryptic, one-word names, are all relentless maelstroms of dark tremolo riffing, bass lines that are distorted beyond recognition, hellish drumming and rabid screams raging about anger, loneliness and despair.

The production on Abalam is exceptionally good, which makes the pain of going through these tracks all the more palpable. I mean turn your headphones way up and listen to Immolabant - that kick drum feels like an actual kick to the head, while the merciless guitars drill away at every last bit of your sanity. By the time the vocals come in, there's hardly anything left of you to destroy. The terrifying atmosphere of Abalam is probably its greatest asset.

This is how the end of days must sound.

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