April 14, 2014

Owl Oxidant

During my daily trek on the interwebs, I came across this sweet instrumental psychedelic stoner rock band from Serbia called Owl Oxidant. It's totally obscure and I haven't been able to pull any extra information other than what's available on Soundcloud, but I don't even care - the music is so damn fine that I have no problem sharing it with everyone. There are only 3 tracks available at the moment and they all mix groovy rhythms, psychedelic ambiances and scorching bluesy licks that make me wish I was frying under an oven sun, my feet dipped in the sea and a cold beer by my side. I'm definitely keeping an eye out on these guys. Hopefully they'll release more stuff and a label grabs them - they're excellent!

Thanks to Zann O))) for originally sharing this on Facebook. You made my morning, buddy!


  1. Sweet baby Jesus! Sweet mother of Baphomet! My ears are being soundfucked by the best fucking tune imaginable. I'm all moist.