April 6, 2014

Goddess - The Works

One man bands can be very hard to look into, as the 'simple' acts of composing, recording and mixing everything together into a cohesive whole become not so simple anymore, lest we not even consider that the artist has to be a talented multi-instrumentalist to begin with. Thus, in most cases, some technical faults or passages that feel out of place or not so inspired are often overlooked, and not by any lack of reason. I mean, if anyone starts out on a journey like this one, honing one's skills and perfecting the craft will no doubt take some time.

Such is the case with fellow Romanian prog rocker Ervin Usein, who writes and records all of his music, not to mention crayoning his own album covers. Three EP's and a single later it is clear that Ervin has started to gently settle into a comfort zone, while the songs themselves are slowing down to a more manageable pace.

And this is good, because on the last EP, aptly named 'Third', the clean guitars have become a dead ringer to Opeth's Damnation album.

Yes, you heard that right, ladies and gents, and as you have just found out for yourselves if you listened to the song 'Almost', this is clearly no joke. So my advice to Ervin now? Lose the distortion, record a full length acoustic album and make Mikael Åkerfeldt proud. 

Hell, maybe he'll even accept to lay some vocals over the whole thing!

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