January 20, 2013

The Bad Days Will End - Detournement (2011)

Here is some dark alternative rock from Romania to get you through your day. The Bad Days Will End's instrumental work recall the early days of Placebo, with dissonant strumming, restrained drumming and some nice bass lines to go along with the rainy feel of the music. The vocals are, uh... not my favorite part of this EP, but the angsty lyrics and frustrated tone go well with the dark/alt/punk vibe of Detournement, so I'll let it slide. This band eventually broke up into three other bands I have talked about here, namely Nomega, Livia Sura and Valerinne. Pretty different directions to be taken, that's for sure.

Anyway, you can listen and download this album for free from their bandcamp page. I'm going back to my stupid project for university.

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