January 20, 2013

Causa Sui - Summer Sessions (Vol.1-3)


This is what describes best Causa Sui’s music. Considering this is a triplet of albums spawned from the same (summer?) jam sessions, the manner in which all instruments blend in with each other is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  Consisting mostly of lengthy compositions, this particular brand of stoner rock played by these danish geniuses is not music to be heard in the background, but rather something to be treated as a work of art, when you just stand and stare in admiration, compelled by the greatness that has overcome you.

Aptly titled, this trio of albums does indeed evoke the feelings of summer in some way or another, which are indeed the feelings that I crave for considering the shitty weather outside. Basically, playing a song like this one

reminiscing of past summer sessions (heh) and looking forward to the vacation days I have programmed for around the first of May, let me tell you, there could be nothing better right now.

Still, there’s more to it. I’ve come to enjoy best this trio because, above all the great instrumental work to be found here, the guest apparitions by Johan Riedenlow on saxophone are, with the risk of sounding like I’m eating from a bucket full of cheese, simply mind boggling. And that’s just the album version of things, because you see, there’s also the live recordings to incite drool at the corner of one’s mouth.

Now, aren’t you just wondering what in the world you just listened to and suddenly feel the urge to hear MOAR? I tell you, if these guys ever hit Romania, I’ll be happy to donate a kidney just to make sure I get to see them. Word.

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