January 15, 2013

HORRORDROME: Cockneys vs Zombies (2012)

(Guest poster RaptoR is back faster than usual with a review on a a movie that looks pretty damn cool. I'm definitely seeing this one first chance I get. Thanks, dude!)

I used to be very excited every time I heard the words horror and comedy in the same sentence. Sure, I learned that very few follow both genres by the book (getting scared and laughing at the same time) but still, I love this kind of movies. And, of course, I consider Shaun of Dead the best horror/comedy of all times. Or should I say, the best zombedy of all times.
Still, a friend of mine (that starts with "http" and has the word "tracker" in it) recommended the British horror-comedy Cockneys vs Zombies. A horror-comedy with zombies made by the British? BRING IT ON, BABY!

If you are a pansy and hate swearing, you will probably not enjoy this movie, as the word "fuck" appear as often as producers create bad low-budget horror movies. Personally, I love the British humor, and I love how they swear. But if you can stand a horde of flesh eating zombies and a lot of gore, I think you will be fine with some F-words.

Now, one thing I hate about zombie movies in general is that the characters seem to be retarded at first. "Oh look, a creature that eats brains and growls, and slowly walks towards us having the intention to eat us. What could they be?". Followed of course by a half hour in which everyone tries to figure what those "creatures" are. There are fucking zombies, you fucking moron. Do you really need half hour to get it that those are zombies? Haven't you seen a zombie movie before? If the zombie apocalypse would start tomorrow and a zombie knocks at my door, even my 86 year old grandma would be like "fuck yeah, that's a fucking zombie right there. Cut his fucking head to kill it". But no, we need to have another half hour where everyone tries to figure how to kill it. Pathetic. But not here. First zombie appears, everyone's like "There! A zombie! Shoot him in the head!", and I kind of liked that.

The movie is not awesome, is just above average. But giving the shitload of zombedy these days, I can truly say it was a good movie.

Story wise, it was above average also. Not very original, but not very cliche either. A bunch of guys, plus a girl try to rob a bank so that they can save their grandfather's retirement home. From here, the story splits up, and on one side we have the bank robbers trying to get to the retirement home to save the grandpa, and on the other side we have a bunch of old people in the retirement home trying to fend off the zombie invasion. And I must say, those scenes are a delight to watch, in my humble opinion. I'm happy that I had the chance to see a "race" between a bunch of zombies and a 90 years old on a walking helper (or whatever that thing is called), who kept yelling "why are these zombies walking so fast?!"

So, if you have the chance, see it, because like I said, there aren't really any good horror-comedies lately. If you also like British humor, then this is a must-watch for you. Cheers! See you on the next review!

Screenplay: 7/10
Directing: 8/10
Sound Effects 8/10
Acting 8/10
Overall 7,75/10

The good:
British humor / one of the best horror-comedy of the last years / very straight forward

The bad:
not very original idea / seemed like it ended sooner than expected

How you should watch it:
-with loads of friends
-bonus points if high on something (like on a chair, hurr-durr) 

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