January 14, 2013

Life Updates

I hereby call an emergency TZEEEAC meeting in order to brief everyone about what's going on with everything.

As you may have noticed, activity around here has dwindled down to pretty much dick. There are several reasons for this:

  • Just like last year, I don't feel like writing anything about music after completing my best of 2012 list
  • I don't feel like writing anything, period. 
  • Unfortunately, the dreaded exams period is just around the corner, so I'm forced to write tremendous amounts of bullshit about strategic human resource management, risk mitigation, marketing mixes and other stuff that just makes me want to curl up in the fetal position under my blanket and just stare at the wall. So pretty much all my writing energy is spent up on these projects and there's nothing left to gush about the new Devourment album.  
  • I suspect Marco is also busy with exams, voting for himself in the poll and playing every video game released during the last 5 years. 
  • George said he's working on some articles, but I know nothing more. 
  • As usual, I don't know anything about Zulu. He's probably doing drag races at midnight on an airfield strip. 
  • My back hurts. 
  • Things have gone to shit with two of my closest friends ever and we're no longer on speaking terms, so that feels amazing. 

Combine all of these and there you go - suddenly this stupid blog doesn't feel that important anymore. I will probably keep moping around by myself, so don't expect any new posts for a while. Hopefully I'll be back with a new positive attitude and things will return to normal pretty soon.

While waiting for that, be a sport and go vote in the poll for what kind of content you'd most want to see on here. You know, when things pick up again.


  1. I'm still alive, I think ...(winter holidays with much more booze than anyone would recommend is still taking its toll over me). Hopefully, I'll have two articles to go by the end of the week so fear not, Tzeeeac minions, there is still hope to be found on these planes of bare nihilistic pleasure.

    P.S: If you come to think of your friends as nothing more than social experiments, I guarantee you'll feel pretty amazing about any life updates you might think of.

    1. Actually, we have worked it out tonight. Couldn't be happier.