January 21, 2014

Upyr - Altars/Tunnels (2013)

Remember doom metal? That gloomy, abrasive genre from which I used to feature an album from time to time and haven´t really done so lately? Well, weep no more, as those joyful feelings of poverty and blisful ignorance are just about to come back and bang at your gates. Or destroy your altars. Or flood your tunnels. You get what I´m saying here.

For a demo, this is a rather carefully constructed piece of music. With three tracks and a bonus rehearsal jam, the record almost touched the forty minute mark, and it feels so damn organic that I´ve put it on repeat and just listened the hell out of them songs in the last few days.

But how does it actually sound, you ask? Well, dear minions, Upyr have taken a very bold approach with the first three pieces, as they slowly deconstruct their compositions, starting from some fast paced riffing and black elements introduced in in the first one, toning down to more traditional doom in the second track and finally going all out funeral in the third, leaving only voice, a droned out guitar and some samples. And I got to say, I can´t find any fault with this execution.

Now hurry and go check it out for yourselves at their bandcamp page, you lazy internet people!

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