January 6, 2014

Jonathan's 2013 Musical Wrap-Up

This year has been rather stale for me. Sure, I´ve listened to dozens of both new and old records (with many of them reviewed here on Tzeeeac), however when it comes to awe inspiring releases I was hard pressed to find enough of them to compose a "List of the year". With that in mind, and also considering the three categories I´ve personally invented not so long ago, I give you the 2013 musical wrap-up, made up of only 3 LP´s (yes, I´m pretty much starting to like this number), one for each specific shenanigan.

First up, the ROTY Category:

Rogue Empire - Overlord

This beast took me completely by surprise. I don´t know if its the music itself or the fact the I wasn´t even aware of this particular genre, one thing is for sure: if you listen to this album, one might safely assume that your ganja loving hippie grandmother could very well turn into a metal head overnight. No small feat, I tell you! 

Full review here, just in case you happen to have missed it.

More on the blind side, the FOTY Category:

Protest The Hero - Volition

While every other member of Tzeeeac was busy composing their top ten, I was still trying to assimilate this fourth installment in the PTH saga, trying hard to figure out what they aimed to do with it. Turns out that after a gratuitously weak third album, these canadian proggers are still trying to follow in the footsteps of their excellent sophomore effort Fortress, and failing miserably while doing so. I don´t really care what other reviewers have to say, but if these guys don´t up their game and come up with something original next time, I fear they may be lost to me forever.

No review here, feel free to look it up yourselves.

And finally, the GETY Category:

Propagandhi - Failed States

Curiously enough, this age-old ensemble has eluded me until now and I can safely assume that this album would have caught the number one spot in the list from last year. But then again, I would be just short of stuff to post in this article, correct?

Full review here, and may it bother you in the same good way it did me.

And that´s it! The End, Fini, Sfarsit! 2013 is gone and may it be that this current year will catch me in a less grumpy and hopefully more appreciative mood.

And yes, that´s me on that motorcycle up there, in case you were wondering. I can barely walk and speak, yet I´m already writing better reviews than the rest of those old hipster members from Tzeeeac!

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