January 30, 2014

Breed Machine - A l'aube du 8ème jour (2013)

I´ll be honest, I haven´t the damnedest of clues as to what this album´s title translates to, or for that matter what the lyrics mean. What I know is that this band would be at home taking part in this kind of gig, where necks are prone to breaking and spines and likely to shatter from too much weight carried over the heads.

Ironically enough, when I first heard the album, it kind of bored me to death. This kind of over the top extremity has to be really good to get my attention in digital format, away from the comfort and caring of blowing my ears off at random metal festivals. So it happened that it fell in the rear end of my playlist and got the occasional spin here and there, background noise be praised. 

However, in the last couple of weeks I´ve found myself getting drawn to snippets of songs which, no surprise here, are spawn from the musical instruments of these fine french gentlemen. And every time this happens, I tend to turn up the volume. This and the fact that now I´ve been giving this LP some well deserved playtime, to the point of repeatedly hitting  the repeat button, must mean it has actual value. So yeah, shame on me for not being more attentive from the get go, but that doesn´t really matter as long as the record gets the spotlight on Tzeeeac.

What are you waiting for then? Get your first taste here then go and research these guys, as it seems they have more to their name than they let on.

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