January 31, 2014

TRACK FEATURE: Perturbator - She Moves Like A Knife (2014)

If you've been following our sleazy website faithfully and the New Wave Electronic Revival/Techno Dark Synth Pop Revival in particular, you're definitely familiar with Perturbator's music. He's probably the most notorious of the bunch (Kavisnky doesn't count because he's long ascended to a place unreachable by us mortals), and we've had the pleasure of asking him a few stupid questions last summer.

So what's Perturbator been up to, you might ask. Well, along with his daily routine of traveling to a post apocalyptic dystopian cyberpunk alternate-reality to fight cyborgs and giant robot dogs, he's been working hard on his next album, which should be out pretty soon. Meanwhile, he's teasing us. Hard. 

There's no point in telling you how bad ass this track is, because chances are you've probably already heard it and shared it with your nerdie friends already. You can download She Moves Like A Knife for free until the third of February, so stop wasting precious time accusing me of posting filler articles.

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