January 2, 2014

Promiscuity - Basic Instinct EP (2013)

The state of heavy metal these days could make a grown man cry: your have your skinny vegan boys with quasi existentialist café latte "poetry", third rate Nuclear Goatfago Blasphemy rip-off "war metal" or Darkclones, a whole lot of Nazi scum, and... well, not much else. And then there are bands like Promiscuity who fly the drunken flag of hate. Thank Satan for them!

Basic Instinct is full on old school raw and dirty Speed Metal (in capitals), the kind of Speed Metal you would expect from a record with the Banzai swirl in the top right corner. The first song here, The Beauty and the Bitch, starts off with a battle march drum beat that erupts right into riff-o-rama mayhem to make Cronos, Mantas and Abbadon blush like schoolgirls. Lyrically it goes along with the title of the EP and the amazing cover art and deals with a Sharon Stone-esque black widow who likes to fuck and kill men. I mean, come on... how can anyone not love lyrics like: "She had a wild imagination, master of deadly copulation"? I am pushing forty, but one can never be too old for teenage boy fantasies!

"Every midnight I get out my hole, to the sound of old dirty Rock'n'Roll" - yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck yes! Did you read the story of the man on meth who masturbated in public and fought off 15 cops before he was finally arrested that made the headlines at the end of 2013? The song Pedophile must be his theme song, no doubt. And before your white boy-or-girl guilt gets the best of you, shut up the fuck up please. It's heavy fucking metal, and if lyrics like these upset you, then - in the immortal words of Wagner Antichrist - "if you are a false, don't entry!"

Up next: Into the Crypts of Rays. It's rare that a cover song is so well picked. Honestly, after the first two tracks, I will literally expecting some Celtic Frost riffing along with "Ugh!", and there we have it. Makes perfect sense! And finally the last song here, Maniac's Blues, is about killing priests and raping nuns - which, let's be honest, makes me drool with pleasure. To some it all the fuck up: you need to listen to this if you like metal. If you don't, well... insert creative Romanian cuss words here.

The complete EP is available as a pay-as-you-wish download from http://infernalrocknroll.bandcamp.com and will be released on tape later this year by Dying Victims Productions. Don't sleep when we creep!

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