January 26, 2014

Faunlet - Fauna of the Heart Flora From Beyond (2014)

One year and a few minor changes in their line-up later, Faunlet have finally released their debut LP, whose name I won't even bother to mention here due to its inhuman length. Still, I could have done that instead of making up excuses for throwing witty remarks in your faces, but oh well.

So, what's this about? I've already written an excruciatingly detailed (not really) review on their EP, so I won't bore you with the details. Suffice to say, Faunlet is basically a Romanian Placebo, with all the dark, disturbing lyrics and haunting instrumentals that come with it. Got it? Now forget about all of that shit, because it's no longer the case. Not quite, at least. Sure, the dark lyrics are still present, Peter's voice still resembles a young, rebellious drug crazed tutu-wearing Brian Molko and the the instrumentals, you guessed it, are as haunting as ever. So what's the difference, really? Take a look at the tracks - all of them, apart from two, surpass five minutes in length and if you listen carefully enough, you'll notice that they're vaguely connected. You know what this means, right? Yep, Fauna of the Heart Flora From Beyond meets all the requirements for a concept album. I'm not sure if they'd classify it as such, but I'm certain they'll agree with me after reading this article because I'm always right and perfect. In case you're still waiting for a climactic disclosure, well, that's kinda about it. It's basically more of the same, but enhanced, reshaped, expanded, more focused and tied together.

The overall thematic aspect of the lyrics remains largely unchanged from their debut EP. They usually revolve around depression, social anxiety, insecurity, tormented intellectuals, childhood abuse and some heavy sexual stuff, too! Peter has really outdone himself this time. The Poet And The Whore, especially,  reminds me of every cheap, pulp-ish story (don't get me wrong, Charles Bukowski is cheap too, and that's great!) I've ever read, The Boy Is Still Missing freaks me out and fuck if I know why and The Shape of Your Legs... boy oh boy, Faunlet, good job, you made me blush.

Fauna of the Heart Flora From Beyond is not quite a step forward from their EP, but more of an expansion. The big change comes in the format, so if you're into 10 minute long pieces about prostitutes and tree houses, go buy it.

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