July 2, 2013

This Is Ghost! Country (2013)

When it comes to straight out RIFF worshipping, these guys are up there with the best of them. Their motto is rhythm, their style is an abrasive, garage type of metal and they incorporate so many subgenres in just a little over thirty minutes of music that for a moment there, I really thought this release would work better as a demo.

With a background of sludge/stoner rock, some off-put doomish elements, a little bit of post-metal, a voice that could give any lung cancer patient a run for his money (and all of this with nary a proper solo to be heard), This Is Ghost! Country’s self-titled sounds more like an ode to all things heavy metal.

And dare I say I enjoyed it very much, because it made me feel like driving through a deserted wasteland in a damaged SUV, windows lowered and speakers roaring, while at the same time playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 on the custom made, built-in car PC. Yes, it’s that infectious, I tell you!

Some useful links for your sonic experience to be complete:

Listen to them here: Soundcloud page
Buy their album from here: Record Label
Lastly, say hello to them here: Facebook Profile


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