July 8, 2013

Hope Drone - Hope Drone (2013)

TZEEEAC hall-of-famer and Tumblr scubadiver Gherasim was on a post-rock binge this weekend and sort of passed the bug to me, too. He showed a cool melodic post-rock band I can't remember right now and before I knew it, I had already listened to a bunch of bands and my day had gone by inexplicably. But hey, I just finished all my school work for the time being and I'm enjoying a week off everything, so I can afford to waste some hours listening to 16 minute songs and reading old newspapers.

Obviously, my mutant brain can't remember anything I listened to in the morning, so I'll just tell you about what I'm listening to right now, which is Hope Drone. This four-piece band comes all the from from Brisbane, Australia and it embodies the definition of post-black metal. Huge, sprawling distorted guitar riffs unfold like a vast jagged landscape clouded by a thick layer of fuzz. Rumbling drums bring forth a sense of unease and urgency. Touching melodies occasionally escape from under the blanket of murk and echoed screams erupt over this dismal place. The one-word song titles stand as testament to the bare-bones approach of Hope Drone. Nothingness, abandonment, death, silence, despair and hopelessness permeate the lyrics and cement the unnerving atmosphere of this album.

I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone finding him or herself in a foul mood. It might lead to bad thoughts. Still, this should be listened by yourself, in the dark, with the volume cranked all the way up. It'll take you places.

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