July 12, 2013

CAUCHEMAR "Tenebrario" (2013)

The canadian doom-rockers from CAUCHEMAR Annick and François have finished their journey through the entire freaking world last year and, after a stunning debut EP in 2010, have recorded their first LP, awesomely entitled "Tenebrario". The first thing I can say about this is that the cover could not have looked better and more appropriate for the music, thanks to Italian (of course) artist Paolo Girardi.

Pretty much every song here stands out in a unique way, every one with its own italian-inspired heavy/doom riffs, slower crunchy bits and very good solos. The french lyrics sound even better here than on the "La Vierge Noir" EP, they flow quite nicely and are very melodic, with Annick's very good delivery of them. Another thing I must admire here are the drums which, to me, are pretty perfect doom drums. They are strong and loud with pretty simple rithms and really stand out in a good way. My favourite track has to be the ending one, "Tenebrario", a ballad-like tune that made me think of the slower, more eerie side of Mercyful Fate, with King Diamond's harmonical vocals blending in perfectly with the arpegiated guitar chords.

My only gripe is that one of the things I loved most about Cauchemar is missing on this album, and that is the very obvious fast heavy metal riffs that have made me love their EP so damn much. Even without them, these mapple syrup avengers managed to make a strong album more on the doom side than on the NWOBHM side, an LP that will definitely go into my Top 10 for this year and even into my record collection.

Final Rating: 9/10.

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