July 14, 2013

Stone Magnum - S/T (2012)

Mixing traditional heavy and doom metal, the lads from Stone Magnum bring back to the spotlight the grittier sounds of the 70’s and 80’s furry. While I may not be the most appropriate one to recommend these guys to you (I sense that fellow staff writer Daniel Witchfinder might have more in common with this music than yours truly), I still can recognize some influences from which this band takes after, and until now I’ve spotted Black Sabbath, Earth, Grave Digger and even a little bit of Warning.

So if you’re a fan of either one of those bands, Stone Magnum will definitely be your cup of tea. I myself am enjoying them very much, as they seem perfect for bludgeoning my speakers on this lazy Sunday morning. I may actually work up an appetite to get my day started!

You can listen/buy their stuff on bandcamp, like them on their facebook page, and bear in mind they’ve just released a new album last month, which can only mean more doomy goodness for all of you metalheads out there!

Rock on!

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