July 27, 2013

Defiler - Nematocera (2012)

I've recently decided to check out some SYWH-approved deathcore bands, just because Sergeant D really seems super into them and I'm like why not, let's give it a go! So I settled on the names I hear most often from him: Defiler, Emmure, Winds of Plague and Goliath

Goliath didn't really do anything for me, they sound really boring, I don't know. Winds of Plague (I listened to their 2011 album Against the World) had really synthetic-sounding vocals and it was annoying, so I stopped listening to it. Emmure were pretty good, I'm gonna have to check out some more of their stuff. Defiler, on the other hand, really took the cake and emerged victorious from this imagined deathcore face-off. 

These guys sound pretty much perfect. First off, the riffs are simply CRUSHING and dat guitar tone will make you cream your pants. Secondly, BREAKDOWNS! Tons of them. Is there anything better than breakdowns in deathcore? I submit that there's not. Thirdly, Jake's vocals. Holy shit, this guy sounds amazing(ly pissed off) and not only him, but the rest of the band are really talented, even though they're like 18 years old. Shit! The vocalist also cites Slipknot as a major influence, which is basically another way of saying FUCK OFF to all you haters out there. Last off, the production is spot-on: crystal-clear and everything sounds tight and heavy and obviously it's a great thing when a young band manages to pull off a superbly polished album. 

So did I just give you a ton of good reasons why you should check out Defiler if you don't know about them already? I think I did! Quit being a jerk and do something positive for a change.

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