June 23, 2013

Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt (2010)

And what would be the best way to celebrate the redesign of our webzine than to present you with THE MOST AWESOME combination of sludge/drone/doom/post-metal that has ever tickled my ears, in the form of this monster of an instrumental album.

With a total of four guitars and two drum sets, all drenched in layering upon layering of background keyboards, this beastly record is guaranteed to make you want to own the badassest pair of stereo speakers in the world. Just listen to this track here and tell me if that's not true.

I cannot even start to review this album, because its simply one of those that I have played probably over one hundred times and I still feel I haven't had enough of it, especially the first two tracks (which are in fact, just two halves of a single whole). What I can say, though, is 'Listen, enjoy, be amazed, then repeat!'


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