June 26, 2013

Arc Neon - Blood Sport 2092 (2013)

Arc Neon is an enigmatic '80s-style synthwave outfit who probably dial in the music from the distant future back into our day and age. If you follow us on Facebook at all, you're probably well aware of the tremendous love we have for artists like Umberto, Perturbator, Kavinsky and pretty much the entire Aphasia Records roster. We've all jumped head-first into the '80s synth revival current and never looked back, endlessly pleased with roaming around violent futuristic cities crawling with cyborgs, androids and laser-pistol wielding cyberbandits. We're pretty sure we would fit right in with them: we'd get some nanoimplants, some bitchin' sunglasses and blue jeans, steal a red sports car and wreak havoc in New Detroit.

Arc Neon also fits right in with this crowd: their newest EP is called Blood Sport 2092 and it paints the dystopian picture of a grim future where giant corporations rule the universe and the pass-time of choice is Blood Sport, a gladiatorial-like contest where slaves are dropped onto a deserted arena and forced to battle it out until a victor emerges. The album works like a movie soundtrack, weaving a compelling narrative within each of its seven tracks. We are taken through the dire mess of Blood Sport and the emergence of a hero who's destined to destroy Blood Sport Corporation once and for all. Each song is a shiny, futuristic, action-filled glimpse into this violent world where its kill-or-be-killed and the '80s are worshiped with due dilligence through superbly modelled synths and minimalistic percussion.

Although, if you're anything like us, you've probably already known this is a great album from the second you laid eyes on the cover art. Guns, robots, aliens and pink and cyan - if this isn't the indicator of some great tunes, I don't know what is.

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