June 8, 2013

clipping. - midcity (2013)

Clipping are some dudes who make hip-hop and fuck bitches. Oh, sorry, wrong review. Let me rephrase: they’re a bunch of dudes who make noise and fuck bitches.

But noise is kind of a weak word to describe their music… Their beats are a… thing . Like, they’re bigger than life, humanity and the Universe itself. They’re something on which Cthulhu would spit His Eternal rhymes if he decided to form a hip-hop band. Static noises, high pitched screeches, hypnotizing loops and all the good stuff.  It’s like these guys recorded their album in the middle of a freaking industrial complex. Imagine that: sweaty, low income white trash who’ve just kicked their crack addiction building tanks, artillery pieces and shit while Diggs just sits in a corner and raps about how the club smells like ass and pussy. And I’m pretty sure they even put some high-frequency sounds here and there because my dog goes crazy every time I play this album. The Beatles used to do that too, so I’m okay with it, since they’re my favorite band and all.

What blows my mind even more is how Diggs finds rhythm even in the most abrasive and minimalistic beats. This dude spits like Charizard after drinking out of a volcano  - his rhymes are aggressive and cut like The Bride’s katana in Kill Bill (making out of context pop culture references?  that’d be my medical condition). The Intro is a blunt, straightforward fuck your face track, Loud is, well, you know, loud, Five is the fifth track of the album and get.it is my official earworm of the year song. 

But you know what really great about Midcity?  Despite its abrasive sound, it’s catchy and quite easy to listen to. It makes you feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed, sure, but so do tacos, and guess who's still eating the shit out of them.

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