June 14, 2013

Mac Lethal - Irish Goodbye (2011)

Whenever the going gets tough and I'm no longer able to waste my days listening to music, watching shitty teen comedies and eating chocolate, but instead have to wake up early, do a ton of school work and go to bed late at night... I forgot where I was going with this.

Oh, right! I was going to say that whenever things get hectic or I get upset for whatever reason, I can always count on Uncle Mac to lift my spirits. 11:11 is Mac Lethal being young, crazy and always in a party mood. North Korean BBQ is Mac Lethal being dealt a bad hand at life, fighting a whole bunch of demons and trying to stay alive. Irish Goodbye, however, is Mac Lethal having triumphed over most of that shit, being slightly older, much wiser and content with living life one day at a time, taking as many lazy Sundays as he wants.

As such, Irish Goodbye is an album overflowing with positive mental attitude and pretty much my ultimate feel-good music ever. Without doing a tedious song-by-song analysis, I'd just like to point out the breadth of issues/life facts/nonsense/day-to-day happenings that Mac tackles on this release. Whether he's talking about his career, his boring life, his old job, his clothes, his favorite dishes, beer, wine, whiskey (well, he is actually Irish, after all...), getting fucked up in the morning because what the hell, drinking at night to fall asleep, his dreams, his wishes, his fantasies, his grandparents, the Westboro Baptist Church, love, death, staying motivated, working hard, happiness and a million other things barely contained within his lyrics, Mac always does so with confidence, clarity, humor and, above all, total honesty. Which is what anyone who has been following him over time has learned to expect from him.

I'm not very competent at describing technical aspects when it comes to hip-hop, but Irish Goodbye is definitely Mac Lethal's most polished and rich album to date. Seven's beats are stellar, the production is crisp and lively - and he recorded this at home, mind you - and Mac's vocal delivery is top-notch, especially his flow and fantastic choruses, for which he has had a penchant ever since the release of his first album.

The rest, as they say, is history. Mac Lethal is now bigger than ever, but he's still doing goofy fast rap videos in his living room and spending way too much time on Facebook. He's doing great, which leads me to believe that his mysterious next album, due to release this year, is going to completely blow me over and I'll probably have to get a plane straight to Kansas, take him out for some buffalo wings and thank him for all of his hard work. I'm gonna catch this dream before I die, bitch!

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